Does Disney Need a Face Lift?


But wait! you scream, reading and rereading the title in a fit of anxiety. What about Frozen?! I wrote an article about Frozen already, young padawan. And it wasn’t pretty. In fact, my mom said it was too long and there were even swear words. So I’m not even going to discuss Frozen. I have bigger concern in my household.

Someone tried unsuccessfully to eat a party pizza with just a fork. I’m pretty sure this is the first sign of a serial killing.Image

But there is yet a more pressing concern than supposed serial killers in the making or Frozen. What the hell, Disney? Lately, I’ve noticed so many Disney movies just being…sub-par. Reasonably okay. Tolerable.

Now, I adore everything Disney. My dream job would be to walk around Disney World as Snow White and sing to little kids and shit. I am not one of the Disney-haters or even the Disney-is-meh-I-guessers. I will gladly sit down and eat Mickey pancakes and watch a Disney marathon, crying my eyes out and singing all of the songs. But lately, Disney has been kind of…off. 

Tangled was pretty good. That scene with all the floating lanterns, and Rapunzel and Eugene sitting in that boat…oh my gosh, my eyes got huge and I felt all the warm, happy feels. So much magic. And the whole “drop of sunlight” thing…okay, Tangled was actually good. I thought it would suck, but I was a damned fool. Maybe little-girl-ish, but overall magical and funny.

Brave was super pretty, but it felt like something was missing. Honestly, there wasn’t really a villain. And don’t say it was Mor’Du, because he wasn’t targeting anyone or out to stop anyone. He just happened to live nearby. I can’t quite put my finger on what this movie needed, but it needed a little extra something. 

Planes, Cars, all that crap was made specifically for toddlers who don’t know what constitutes a good movie just yet. Sure it’s cute, but that’s it. 

Monsters University was just a money-grab aimed at the kids who once watched Monsters Inc. and were now at college. Toy Story 3 tried the same thing the year before, but that movie was the bomb. Monsters University was just sort of meh. 

So what’s the deal here?! In the past two years, Disney’s animated movies haven’t really been up to snuff. I feel like every two or three years, Disney comes out with a really phenomenal movie. But I’m not seeing the same magic and awesomeness of that Golden Age around the 90’s, Beauty and the Beast, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Toy Story,The Lion King, Aladdin, Pocahontas, A Bug’s Life. Need I go on? These are the movies that defined modern Disney. Each one of them had something special to offer. In the past three years or so, I haven’t seen a single animated Disney movie that I thought was really spectacular. 

Is it because Disney is doing their own CG stuff now, having abandoned 2D animation for good? (They’ll go back to 2D. They have to). Is it because they’re competing with companies that, until pretty recently, haven’t been doing as well in the animation department? I don’t know what it is. Disney is in need of some new writers. Anyone have any thoughts? 


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