Sailor Moon Crystal: Gorgeous Story Book-Like New Spin on the Old Anime

Vídeo promocional de Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal 01

A side-by-side comparison between the old anime (1992) and the new anime (2014)

I just finished watching the first episode of Sailor Moon Crystal, which aired on multiple online websites (in my case, Crunchyroll) today!

As a die-hard fan of both the original anime and the manga, I was very happy with this first episode, as expected. Anyone who has seen the old anime will get a nice big slap of nostalgia once they realize that Kotono Mitsuishi (the original voice actress for Sailor Moon) is reprising her role as Usagi Tsukino. The style of this new anime is gorgeous; it’s drawn almost like a story book or a fairy tale, lending the much-needed magical feeling that the original anime lacked.

Not to mention the music. I know that this new theme song, Moon Pride, is a far cry from the original “Moonlight Densetsu” opening sequence, but I was definitely not disappointed. In a way, it’s more dramatic, definitely updated, and considerably more girly (while still retaining that “girl power” atmosphere we all love about Sailor Moon). The background music was much more fitting of the atmosphere of the manga, too; with soft tones and occasional choral arrangements, it took on the air of a mysterious, magical dream rather than the whole BOOM! POW! girl power thing that the anime created. Not that that was a bad thing, but if we’re going by the manga, I’d say it was a huge improvement.

And can I just point out Tuxedo Mask? Okay, in the original anime I found him to be one of the worst characters. By some act of God, I took one look at this new Mamoru Chiba and actually felt the sparkly bubbles that Usagi felt. Whoa, good job, new anime! It’s refreshing to see him wearing a tuxedo in broad daylight, like he’s supposed to. For whatever reason, the new style he’s been drawn in seems less douchy and more…bishi. In a masculine way. Which is cool.

To sum it all up, the new Sailor Moon Crystal anime created an ENTIRELY new atmosphere much more akin to the manga than the anime. It’s much more fairy-tale-ish, much more magical and mysterious, and it succeeds in being feminine without being just raw pink sparkly girly. Again, that’s not bad. But it IS less like the manga. It’s refreshing to see Sailor Moon become the graceful, mystical, feminine anime that it always deserved.


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